Dear Qui Talks: Watch Me Work!

Dear Qui Talks,

Want to lnow why I always believed i am wonder women. Absolutely, I believe that women should serve, cook, clean, keep the household together, and keep the kids in one piece. But dont get it twisted sista, when it is time for battle. We are warriors. That is what makes us black women stronger than anyone.

If you do not understand your mother. You will not understand any MOTHER. Everyone is given a special mother in their life. Things don’t just happen. Now do not get me wrong. Mother’s are not perticucaliry the person who only given birth to you. Mothers can also be someone who you identify as a mother. Not just a person you claim to be a mother just to be respectful. Someone you wholeheartedly believe in your soul is your mother. No matter what glam or sttuggle they live. They are a mother to you.

Until you understand their struggle, you will never understand them. No matter what their struggle look like. The struggle is what binds a peeson to you. If you can not understand the struggle. Their path to you does not connect. That is why I feel like I am wonder women. I can do everything, while I sweat and tear. Watch me work!


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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