Dear Qui Talks: Living my truth!

Talkers, are you living your truth?

Dear Qui Talks,

Are you really living your truth? I stumbled upon this question because I just realized I am finally living my truest self. I am living without any influences and unapologetically.

I say this because, I have officially disconnected from the world unintentionally. I have posted a few letters about disconnecting from social media but amidst that I have stopped watching TV, checking the news, and removed myself from all social media platforms except Facebook from time to time. I did not know, I was so disconnected until overhear a conversation about the school shooting in Florida. That is when a light came on and I realized, as a journalist, I am disconnected from the world. All of my responses and reactions are all from my truest feelings. They are not tainted by what I have seen or watched. I am living and dressing the way I want to.

I’ve also realized that I laugh and live differently. Watching people in their everyday life is amazing to me. The reactions of others are astonishing. I would love to explain the difference I see but I am currently unable to put them into words. All I can say is disconnect for a week and tell me what you see.

I have a lot more joy. I didn’t say happy because that can be taken away instantly. I have internal joy because I have given my mind and body time to develop joy. I have replaced social media and TV with things that bring me joy (i.e.- writing). Because I have found joy in those items, I actually look forward to the time I can go do those activities. Happiness is temporary because whatever is bringing happiness at that moment, a small part of your mind knows it will be taken away soon. That is why happiness lives on the surface. Living your actual truth, being your truest self everyday brings joy. Your truest self can not be taken away unless you allow it to be.

These are just small things I think about. I am living my truth. You either like it or not. As long as I am not hurting anyone and spreading peace, joy and love….then I am OK.


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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