Dear Qui Talks: I am done pretending!

Dear Qui Talks,

I am done pretending!

Pretending that I am ok with the way you treated me.

Pretending I am happy when I really wasn’t!

Pretending to be someone you want me to be instead of being me.

Pretending you like me more than that other person.

Pretending that I have said everything on my mind.

Pretending to be okay with the people you hang with.

Pretending to be ok with your “new” friends.

Pretending to be interested in everything you say or do.

Pretending what we joke about do not secretly hurt me.

Pretending like I don’t miss you.

Pretending that I don’t remember life with you.

Pretending I am comfortable when the puzzles just do not fit.

Pretending to be with “our” definition of love.

All I am going to do now is be me!

That means – no more you!


Talkers, who relate?


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  1. I agree with this wholeheartedly! All to often I fall victim of maybe I’m overreacting, maybe I’m in my flesh, maybe I’m operating in non forgiveness, but I learned quickly I was scared to be vulnerable.More than that scared to set boundaries or to speak up. Perhaps I was scared of the outcome, admitting you’re not okay translates into weakness. I understand now that in my weakness God strength is made perfect.

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