Dear Qui Talks: Why Am I Still Broke?

Dear Qui Talks,

I work my butt-off during the week. I work 2 jobs, one full-time and one part-time. I work about 60-hrs a week. I have my school loans constantly growing in interest, my living expenses are up to my neck, and the cost of food is ridiculous for fruits and veggies that comes out of the ground God gave us. I am physically and mentally exshausted. I don’t have time to hang out nor do my paychecks stretch enough for brunches.

This is the best part… I have been broke this whole week because I live paycheck to paycheck. Today is payday….thank God! But to my surprise, I checked my bank statement to see $55.55 because two bills were taken out of my account and the bank charged me insufficient fund fees, TWICE!

WHAT THE HELL!!! I work my butt off just to still be broke.

Talkers, how many of you are in the same situation? How many of you have left the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle? Shed some light on what others need to do to get out as well.


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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