Dear Qui Talks: “What’s next?”

Dear Qui Talks,

I woke up this morning asking, “what’s next?” I am at a point in my life where I am just moving in circles. I am doing the same routine every day. Every time I try to break out of it, I end up right back in the same place.

I am still single and working a dead-end job. I would love to be in a career I love, but I do not know what that may be. There are days, I have an idea of what I would love to do, but I never know where to start. Time is ticking and my youth is almost over. Not saying that I won’t be young forever, but I don’t want to keep worrying about my finances and having a family. There are days, I think I may never really settle down. Will I ever find the right one? I am secretly scared of relationships, so will I ever really have a family of my own? Dude, my mind!

Here’s the truth! Living in the moment is pretty interesting. Not knowing what is going to happen, both, scares and excites me! I get nervous because I am not sure if things are going to end right. Then, I get excited to see what lies ahead!

Have you ever thought to yourself; “What is next?” – That is my thought today!

Talkers, how many have asked yourselves, “What the hell am I doing in life?”

“What’s next?”


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