Dear Qui Talks: 3-hours A Day On My Dream!

Dear Qui Talks,

I have been thinking of ways to spend time on my craft. I have finally hit my breaking point in life. I either have to really start investing time and money into my future goal or I have to starting accepting my position at my current job, as my final path.

Man, a person sure can think a lot!

I have decided to dedicate 3-hours a day to my future goal. I go to work from 9-5, then from 6pm-9pm I am at home working on building my company. As the demand for my new company increases, so will the dedicated hours. My goal, within 6 months, is to turn my dead-end fulltime job into a part-time job. And turn the operation of my company into a fulltime position.

If anyone would join my on this journey, let’s see what happens to our lives within 6months. Will you officially have a business of your own? Will you officially start or finish school? What ever it may be; you will leave you current situation and start a new venture within 6months, using babysteps.

Many of us are excited to start a new venture and exuded all of our energy into it. – 2 months later, we quit. We push so hard and become overwhelm with the workload of the new hobby and work; then quit the one that financially provides less. So, baby steps is the game; start small.

Example -want to start running daily. Start by walking 20-30mins a day. Then increase your walk to a brisk walk or light jog and so on. Within 6 months you will have achieved your goal of running daily.

Start this journey with me and let’s talk again in September. If I forget to write a follow-up, please comment below to remind me in September. I will let you all know if I stuck through with my new company venture or if I stopped 3 weeks later. I will be honest with it all. So please remind me, y’all!

Talkers, start this new journey with us and see what happens to our lives in 6months.


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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