Dear Qui Talks: “Yes, I’ve Changed!”

Dear Qui Talks,

If someone says, “you’ve changed!”

Reply, “yes, I’ve changed!”

I am not the same person you used to know.

I am not meaner, nor am I nicer.

I am more aware and loved!

I no longer entertain energy-sucking nonsense.

I’m encouraged!

I won’t stand or tolerate all I’ve been through in the past.

I do not let folks change my mood.

I am smarter, now!

I am more understanding and rational.

I am wiser and unapologetic!

I complain less and enjoy life more.

I get mad less and remain in joy.

I live my truth, everyday!

I am stronger.

I am a warrior!

When you go through something, it will reveal your true self.

Talkers, how many people have said, “you’ve changed.”

What did you say?


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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