Dear Qui Talks: Seeing Repeating Numbers

Dear Qui Talks,

I keep seeing repeating numbers. Everywhere I look I see the same sequence of numbers. The clock, building numbers, speedometer reading, or even if I happen to glance at any number sequence; I keep seeing the following numbers: 111, 555, 222, 333, 444, 911, 114, 1234, and 777.

I have heard of these things called “angel numbers,” but I refuse to research more info on this. I do not want to get all consumed in the mythology, especially, since I am a Christian and I do not honor any other idols.

However, these numbers have been more visible, lately. Every time I need to look at the time or even stop at a stop sign; those numbers appear. Is this a way of God trying to communicate with me and I am just missing the call? Or am I manifesting this nonsense in my head?

Anyone can relate?

Talkers, has anyone experience the same situation above? If so, share with us what it meant to you or what you did to get a better understanding.


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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