Dear Qui Talks: My Worst Enemies — Lust & Pride

Dear Qui Talks,

Yesterday, lust and pride was the topic of conversation. We came to a conclusion that lust and pride are our biggest enemies because they cause us the greatest grief.

Just think about it.

When we lust over someone, 9 out of 10, that person ends up causing chaos in our life. Lust is a dangerous friend. Lust seems to always be around at the wrong times. Especially when we know that particular person is not the one to lust over. However, you can’t help it. Lust always finds a way to make you go deaf and blind. It tells you to deal with the consequences later; this feels better, now! Dangerous son-of-a-bitch! You must have the will and power to fight it off.

Now, for it’s best friend Pride! This, motherplucker, finds ways to creep in when it knows someone is being ignorant or trying to get you to stoop down to their level. It always wants to stop by when I am arguing with someone I have no business exuding so much energy into. You know those arguments that take place with a person you are clearly both physically and logically more enlightened. We let pride take control once someone undermines our strength and intelligences. Let someone take a jab at your man or womanhood, you will be quick to react. Pride is so dangerous, it gets us into situations that typically leads to our destruction, only to prove someone right about something stupid. 

Later, we reflect on our poor decisions and regret allowing pride and lust take charge. Why did I sleep with that guy? Why did I let that person get me so mad? Why? Why? Why?

Lust and pride contributes to the evil in this world. We allow our anger to sit shotgun and direct us during our journey in life. One bad move changes the course of your life. Lust and pride are those road blocks that causes traffic in our path to our destiny. However, if you keep allowing these two frenemies to guide you through life, you will be stuck on the 405, forever! (California drivers know about the 405, parking lot.) Lord, knows I am still fighting them off!

Talkers, how many of you guys have fallen into the lust and pride trap? Are you still stuck or have you gotten out?


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  1. Lust & pride & envy, my biggest enemies that destroyed me and others and I am left in a trash can I created and it’s too late to undo the damage. As the song goes “Riding the storm out”. It’s all it has ever been. One inch became a flood. Fools rush in. It’s too late. Too late.

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