Dear Qui Talks: Spring Cleaning…Clean Up Your Look!

Dear Qui Talks,

Happy First Day of Spring!

I woke up really excited for this day. Spring is the time for a new harvest! A time for rebirth. A time for new things to stem up. Spring means new beginnings.

With being said, all of the problem you ran into last season or may still be facing, it is time to surrender it all and make yourself look like you again!

Get up, get dress, and go show out!

You were not put on this earth to let trials and tribulations take control of how you look and feel. We all know the saying “when you look good, you feel good.” So why do so many of us let our problems take all of our energy and allow oursleves to look depressed?

I know there are times troubles are heavier than you can carry. What if I guarantee you, once you begin to look like yourself again and dress for success; trouble will not have any power. Your newly increased confidence has more strength than any adversity.

Just think about it! When you are going out and look extremely hot; how confident are you? When you look good, you are happier and tend to smile more.

Having a bad day? If you do not look like your problem and you got dressed this morning, walk past a mirror….I promise, you will smile. You will see how good you look today that your boss, client, or customer will not affect your mood. All you will be able to think about is, “Damn, I look good today!”

So, let’s get to Spring Cleaning! Clean up your look. 

“I ain’t got nothing, but I look good. It’s a good life!”

(Drake – God’s Plan)

Talkers, if you look like your problem, time to spring clean. Clean up your look and show the new you!


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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