Dear Qui Talks: Rise and Shine…Literally!

Dear Qui Talks,

I woke up in high spirits this morning. The first thing I did after I opened my eyes is smile and say, thank you.

I woke up happy because I went to sleep with the thought of tomorrow being a new day. A brand new day! A blank canvas that will paint itself as the day progresses. What really excites me is the knowledge of the unknown. Not knowing what will happen throughout the entire day. Not knowing what turn my life may take today.

I woke up excited to take a step closer to my dream. Think about it! What can you do today that will benefit you in the long run? Got it? Now, do it!

That is what today is about- taking a step forward.

If you did not wake up in good mood as I did, remember that you opened your eyes this morning, even if you didn’t want too. That just means your journey is not over yet, and today is the day to take one step closer to your destiny.

Keep moving, your dream is near!

Talkers, who woke up in high spirits this morning? Who did not? If you did not, make a plan to take one step into your destiny, TODAY!


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