Dear Qui Talks: I Am My Worst Supporter!

Dear Qui Talks,

I am my worst supporter.

I second guess everything.

I believe I am the reason for some missed opportunities.

My pride…my pride is also a big reason for my lack of success.

I always tell myself I am not good at something. Despite the encore, I would say, “they are just being nice.”

I am the reason why I am still stuck working this dead-end job. I am afraid to quit because I am not sure if I can handle the trails of risking it all.

I am the reason why I still live at home with my parents. I make up enough excuses that convinces me to stay home.

I am the reason why I haven’t sent out any resumes to potential employers. I automactically tell myself, I am not qualified enough.

I am the reason I am still single. I believe I am not as pretty as yhe next girl despite my awesome peraonality. I never allow the convo to surpass the surface level.

I am the reason why some friends keep their distance from me. My bitterness is like a dangerous virus no one wants to catch.

I am the reason why I can’t finish anything I start. Half way through, I always find a way to sabotage my ideas. Whether I tell myself i am not good enough or I say “its pointless.”

Me! I am my worst supporter. This whole time i have been letting go of people who do not support me, but I forgot to turn the mirror around. Tune to break the cycle and make success my next stop. So all of my self-doubt and negative thoughts better make way for the new self-loving me. I refuse to be the reason for my demise. Shoulda, woulda, coulda no longer exist in my vocabulary.

It is hard enough to live in a world where everybody is pretty much against you succeeding. So, why do we add to our stress and doubt our own ability? Society makes us believe that we are unable to accomplish our dreams and goals because the world has set us in a box and made us believe that only a certain amount of people can reach success. Well, I am here telling you today that anyone can make it to the 1%. That category is not owned by anyone in this world. If you believe you can achieve it, then by all means honey, Go Get It!

Success here I come!

Talkers, how many of you talked yourself out of a great opportunity? Or may be the reason you are stuck in the same place today? Time to make a change!


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