Dear Qui Talks: Join Me in the “Commitment Challenge”

Dear Qui Talks,

Happy Saturday! One more day until Easter!

I am writing today because I suck when it comes to commitment. Commitment with relationships, my career, and even my friendships.

Commitment is something that I never knew I has an issue with until recently. Honestly, I am afraid of being committed to anything, because I am not sure how long I may last. It’s sad to say, but I have a really short attention span when it comes to me, in general. 

For instance I’ve been a blogger on and off for 5 years now. The reason why I say on and off is that I have been unable to commit to blogging every single day. I am the reason my blog has not flourished to its heights. However, since February, I have committed to being a daily blogger, and I can genuinely say it has been way more worthwhile than I anticipated. From the increase of interactions that I get with my readers to the commenting/reading of other bloggers.

Since I’ve been doing so well, for a month, I have to sign onto another commitment. I have decided to really follow my purpose and actually fulfill my dream. Starting a few weeks back I have been planning and strategizing what my next step is going to be. If I remain committed to this project, by the summertime I will be able to launch my new company.

Commitment is something new that I am trying and as of right now it has been working to my benefit. So, if anyone else has commitment issues, join me in this challenge and try to stay committed to one project for a year straight. Make that project become a second part of you. Let’s start this “commitment challenge,” today!

Talkers, who else sucks at commitment. Join me in this challenge to success. Commitment is needed to reach your life’s next level. So, let’s start our engines and join this challenge.


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