Dear Qui Talks: Be Smart, Move Smart!

Dear Qui Talks,

When you are on the journey to your purpose there are many obstacles that are thrown your way. These obstacles do not only include the random life surprises but your career obstacles. Those imaginary opportunities that are given to you but are not tangibly feasible. These are those obstacles that will make you believe you are on the right path but psychology push you off.

These are the opportunities you find with others that make you believe they will take you to the next step but in fact pull you down 3 steps. These obstacles are dangerous because you can’t spot which is tangible or which is a fluke. Those who’ve experienced enough failure from other people’s hand are able to now spot the phony vs the real.

You have to be careful with these experiences. You have to be smart! Know when to get in and when to get out. The way to never let these obstacles take control is to always have something moving behind closes doors. This means to always have more than one thing going on at once, just in case this obstacle decides to fall through; you are not left in the dust trying to figure out what the next step in life will be. You will already be ahead of the game and working on your next step.

Do not let certain experiences be your end-all. Never put all of your eggs in one basket. Be smart and move efficiently. This world is a never-ending battlefield; you have to handle it with a brain and muscles.

With that being said…Be Smart, Move Smart!

Talkers, how many of you been offered an opportunity just for everything to fall through the cracks and now you are left to dry? If so, how did you overcome it all? Many may be in the same situation and can’t get out.


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  1. I was once promised a job working from home in the state I was moving to. After months of back and forth, ups and downs it eventually fell through. My ex was counting on it more than I was and it took a serious toll on our marriage. We actually ended up not moving then because of it (after what happened I wouldn’t risk quittiny job). It was definitely a life lesson!

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