Dear Qui Talks: I’m In A New Relationship

Dear Qui Talks,

Everyone my age is either married, have one or more kids, or settling into a serious relationship. I am over here single and still trying to get a grasp on this thing we call life. Do not get me wrong, I love-love. When I was in a relationship, I enjoyed every moment of it until I got hurt. I am single not only because the right person hasn’t come along but also because I just started a serious relationship with my self.

We have been trying to get together for a while now. The timing seemed to never be right. Either I am not interested/happy woth who I am or I am in a relationship with someone else…so I put me on the back burner. When I am finally interested in me…myself has other agendas. Timing just seems to never work.

Now that we’ve had a year of alone time and getting to really know each other, we’ve decided to move to the next step. We have officially moved in with each other and learning to love, entirely. We are also learning about who we really are now that we live alone, together.

So at the present moment, I am not looking for anything. I just started somethung new with me. Now if someone is willing to wait until myself and I become one again, then by all means, have a seat. But in the meantime, I am busy trying to understand the person that lives in my head.

Talkers, hoe many of you are single? What is your reason? Are you on the same boat as me or rowing in another one?


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