Dear Qui Talks: Right now…I am in Limbo!

Dear Qui Talks,

Right now I am in limbo. I am moving but I am not sure of my direction. I am just moving. Whatever turn my body tells me to take; I go. My brain seems to not be on during certain points of the day. When I finally check in and look at my surroundings, I think to myself, “how did I get here?” Some situations are amazing and others are just odd. Not saying they are bad, they are just weird.

I feel my body moving but I don’t feel attached. I am experiencing all the joy, but none of the hurt. Well, I should say the things that are suppose to hurt. I don’t feel any of it. All I feel is joy. Yet, at times I feel detached. (Does that make sense?) Especially with the year I recently experienced, where I never thought I would feel joy ever again. It is amazing how joy is the only thing I feel now.

Do not get me wrong I am enjoying every moment of this limbo. However, I can not help but think, “where is this going?” At times I feel like I know my purpose, then there are days I question my present.

I am secrectly enjoying this limbo, but I do not want to get stuck. I honestly have no choice but to keep moving and hope the future is BRIGHT. Lord, knows a girl needs power in her presence right now!

Talkers, how many can relate? Who feels as if they are moving and hoping it is in the right direction? Imagine having to start all over again!


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    • Absolutely….the fun part about life are the changes that occur. If your life did not have any surprises or changes, you would carry on with life only living one way. You would never be able relate to anyone because you have not had any experiences. Adventure of life comes when changes occur, that’s how your life’s seasons change.

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