Dear Qui Talks: Are You Taking Stupid Risks?

Dear Qui Talks,

Ask yourself these questions….

Are you willing to take a risk to do something stupid? Or are you willing to take a risk to do something great?

Many of us take stupid risks every day but when it comes to a life-changing risk, we are more hesitant to move. For instance, many are more likely to have unprotected sex, get into a dangerous relationship; even if all the signs point to “No,” and drive a car extremely fast. We all know what the consequences are to those stupid risk, but we refuse to take a risk that will result in a positive conclusion.

Why do we put so much energy into things we know will not work out? Why not take that energy and put it towards a goal or a life-changing project?

Humans are stubborn species. We tend to make all the wrong decisions, even if we know what the right answer may be. Humans live by the acceptance of others which cause us to make decisions based on other people’s happiness rather than our own internal joy. Living for others is what causes us to take stupid risks rather than purposeful ones.

How many of you are stuck in the same place you were last year, because you didn’t stick to the plan you had created the beginning of the year?

Now, think about all the silly things you’ve done this year so far. -It has only been four months. Make a list and see what you’ve accomplished, both beneficial and stupid. If your stupid list outweighs your beneficial list, I recommend reconsidering your daily activities. If your beneficial list exceeds; keep going, you are on the right track to success and joy!

But just seriously take a look at your life and see what beneficial risk you can take to change your current settings. If you keep taking stupid risks, your result will eventually come back, negative. Unless your stupid risk are intentional and will lead you to your purpose. Other than that, let’s take more beneficial risks!

Talkers, how many of you have taken stupid risks that led you to a negative realm? We are all guilty of it. We just have to do better next time and really try.


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  1. I like this…I completely agree we should examine why we haven’t made the progress we wanted to see. But there are a few points that stick out to me. In a certain context I can see how these are true but as they relate to my past few months I’d like to offer an alternative perspective…

    “Why do we put so much energy into things we know will not work out?” How do we know something won’t work out? Yes I agree if you keep making the same foolish mistake over and over you should probably try something new…But I am working on things at the moment I would have been certain would be impossible just 6 months ago. You never really know what will work out.

    “You didn’t stick to the plan you had created the beginning of the year?” My greatest personal project so far took me completely off the path I’d been on. I agree that letting life sidetrack you from your goals is a problem for all of us, but be careful of sticking too close to a plan that you miss other opportunities!

    They’re still great points….Just a different perspective! Thanks for sharing!

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