Dear Qui Talks: I have RBF…”Resting B**** Face”

Dear Qui Talks,

Why do we like to stay in the negative realm instead of wanting a positive outlook on things. For instance, when something embarrassing, heartbreaking, or scary happens to us we will think about that same situation days later or even months later. Replaying every unnecessary moment in our heads, allowing ourselves to feel the anger, worry, or heartache all over again.

We will mentally remove ourselves from steady calmness to feel all the anxiety that we previously endured. Why do we do this? In the present moment, nothing is occuring in our lives. You can literally see drama-free day you may be enjoying, but we always tarnish a good day with bad thoughts. As soon as you get a moment to yourself where you are able to sit and be still, the devil comes out to play.

I know many have heard the phrase, “an idle mind is the devil’s playground.” If you haven’t, this saying is very true to heart. Whenever you stop moving throughout your day or take a time to relax and all your bad thoughts come creeping in your mind; the devil is having a field day.

How do you take control? We all have to rest sometimes.

This is very true. I’ve practice a few ways to keep the devil out of my head. I first stop thinking entirely and return to my present state. I also remind myself to look around where I am presently standing, sitting, or laying down and say to myself; “Why are you worried about something that happened and can’t be change or why are you worried about somethung that has not happened or may not even happen. Look at you getting by today. You are alive, breathing, and nothing is harming you, right now. Enjoy the presence!” Then I come back to reality.

Now, do not get me wrong, I do not just say this to myself once a day. The devil finds ways of creeping into our heads even when we least expect it. The key is to catch when you’ve slipped away from the present and get yourself to come back.

The iconic, “RBF” (Resting Bitch Face), comes from the devil playing in our heads, projecting all that would exude anger, hence the RBF. Many people that have RBF all say they do not even know when their face looks mean or mad. Reason being, you’ve removed yourself from being present and now you are living in your head. Your outter shell is still present, i.e. RBF.

Remember, once you start worrying about the past and the future, stop and return to the present. You can not control the past and the future, you only have control of the present. Think about it!

Talkers, how many of uou have RBF? Why? Have you figured a way to catch it?


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