I Think I have Something To Say…My First Podcast💕

Hi Talkers,💕

Earlier today I posted the first two episodes of my first ever podcast, but the widget kept loading as a long link. I have been an on-camera personality for many years, now I am following the fad and joining the podcast world. If you are familiar with my website (www.QuiTalks.com) then you will love my show. I have experienced a lot in life and would like to share my world with others while trying to figure out this thing called “Life”. 

Episode 0 (zero) will explain the show and what I have in store for you all, while Episode 1 (one) starts the actual show. So for those who have not had a listen, please feel free to find me on the Podcast App (iPhone) or Stitcher App (Android). The name of the show is “Dear Qui Talks.” See images below for examples of what the apps look like.


Podcast (iPhone)

Stitcher (Android)

Stitcher (Android)













If you do not have any of the apps, you can listen here.

“Hope you all enjoy it and help those aspire to be what they want no matter what!💕”

Listen to “(Episode 0) Introduction to What Qui Talks Will Be About!” on Spreaker.

Listen to “(Episode 1) Be Open To Spiritual Guidance” on Spreaker.


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  1. Just subscribed! Congrats! This is also something in my list of things to do, just haven’t been sure how to start. Kudos to you for getting yours started! I look forward to listening!

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