Thank You Bloggers’ Community…You Get To Listen First!

Hey Talkers (readers),

I want to personally thank the blogger’s community for accepting me with open arms. Coming from the entertainment realm and revamping my site to be more about personal experiences has been a hard and weird transition. I am a person who does not say anything, so having to tell my stories have been interesting. Additionally, I literally went from half of a million views to starting ALL OVER. This journey has been amazing and worthwhile. As I continue on this path, I have pulled away from on-camera hosting to start my first podcast. 

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I have been asking God what my next step will be and I felt that I am supposed to start this show, today. I had a slight idea as to what I wanted the show to be, however, turning on the mic after a 9-month hiatus, fueled my soul. The whole idea of the show came to surface and I recorded my first episode. 

The bloggers’ community has been so good to me that I personally want to share my blog with you all first before I post it publicly on my social media. (The last time I posted something about where I’ve been on any social media platform has been about 6-months. Many people may be wondering what happened to me. Especially going from posting 2x a day to disappear.)

I want you all to be the first to hear the beginning of my story and the journey I am on. I hope you all enjoy it and may be inspired to do something wild as well. Please, comment, share and reblog. You all know I am good at responding to all my Talkers (readers)!


Without further ado….My first podcast!

Listen to “(Episode 0) Introduction to What Qui Talks Will Be About!” on Spreaker.

Listen to “(Episode 1) Be Open To Spiritual Guidance” on Spreaker.


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