Dear Qui Talks: Insecurities are the devil’s whisper!

Dear Qui Talks,

We are worst on ourselves then we are on other people. I was on the phone with my best friend the other day and she starting beating on herself because of the bad grade she received in one of her classes. I listen to her disappointment and how upset she was with herself. In the midst of her banter, she retracted everything she said about herself and got quiet. I asked her if she was ok, she replied, “Yes, but I have to be more forgiving of myself. I would tell anyone else it was ok.”

This made me think about the things I heard in church this past Sunday. We are our worst enemies. Insecurities are the devil’s whisper. We will stop ourselves from prospering because we plant negative comments into our heads and water them until they grow and take over us. My sister used to always tell me “no one can make me feel as bad as I can by myself.” 

Just really think about it?

Have you beaten yourself down more than others?

Do you criticize the way you look, work, or feel even when others praise you?

Well, then this is for you!

You have to demolish those strongholds. You can not move the negative thoughts in your mind to the back, you must fully destroy those thoughts completely and replace them with positive ones. That is the only way you can move forward. You must completely destroy that stronghold and never let that thought reappear again. The only way you can fully destroy a stronghold is to replace it with positive affirmations. If you store that negative thought or stronghold for later, you will never grow to be the new person you want to be because you are storing the same thing that is affecting your growth.

Talkers, how many of you allow negative thoughts to control you? Do you let your insecurities tell others who you are?


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