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Monthly Goals: May 2018

This is something I am going to start doing. Although I have always set goals, I never took the time out to set monthly goals. This is going to be something I am going to start today. Thanks, Paige, I will post my May 2018 goal!

My May 2018 Goal:

1. Start Posting on my Instagram (2 posts a week)

2. Release 4 new episodes on my podcast this month.

3. Post every day about Haiti for the whole month of May.

Currently, Lately

After much back-and-forth, I’m happy to tell you that I’ve officially decided to bring my monthly goals posts back. I know I said at the end of 2017 that I was planning to leave these posts behind, but I’ve recently realized that these are actually some of my favorite things to write. And, given that I dubbed 2017 the year to stop living for other people way back in January, I only think it’s fair for me to keep going with them.

These might seem a little repetitive/redundant to some people, and I’m sorry if you’re not a fan. But if you’d humor me and be cool with seeing some goals at the beginning of each month, I’d really appreciate it!

Use Instagram stories more often

I’ve gotten more consistent on social media these last several months, which is something I’ve been really happy about. I love being able to…

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