Dear Qui Talks: They Say Life is Short.

Dear Qui Talks,

They say life is short so start living now. There are many factors to life being short. One of the main factors is life unexpected surprises (death, pregnancy, sickness.) Another main factor is that we do not start living life until a late age, so we complain about life being short.

Life is only short when you haven’t started living, then you wake up one day and realized how fast time has flown. We spend so many years in fear and worry about life’s unexpectancies (is that even a word), that we forget to start living. I was on the phone the other day with my mother. She asked me what I had planned for the day, I told her I was going for a hike. (As I’ve said in previous posts, I am originally from NY but I moved to Los Angeles over a year ago without any of my friends or family.) With fear in her voice, my mother starts to cast her worries on me. “Oh My God, please be safe. What if you fall off the mountain, who will find you? Do you have to hike, why not just go running like you normally do?”

I let her rant about her worries. When she stopped, I laughed and said, “Mom, would you like it better if I stayed in the house all day? At least I will be safe, right?” She remained silent for a few seconds, then chuckled and replied “I mean, if you want too!”

If I wasn’t the risk taker that I am known to be, I believe I would be in the same boat as those who complain about life being short. I have been “Trying something new” since the age of 9. I used to be a dancer at a young age and wanted to become a professional choreographer. I would find auditions or dance classes and beg my mom to let me join it all. Because my mother was always a creative/artist she admired my talents and supported every move I wanted to take.

After leaving the dance world, I entered the fashion world at the end of junior high school. During my final year, I reached out to a huge designer asking for an internship and I became the youngest intern they ever had at the age of 13.

So living life has been something I did my entire life. I was always told I can be whatever I want, so I made sure to try all that I ever wanted to be. I went from dancing, fashion, reporting, to now writing to you guys on my blog. My life is a journey that doesn’t seem short. You should start living your short life, too!

I will leave you on this! I have always been a person that never wanted to say “shoulda, coulda, woulda.” I want to say, “been there, done that!” Life is only short if you do not start living what was given to you for ‘Free.’

Talkers, how many of you are sitting on an idea waiting for the right moment to proceed. Well, guess what, there is NEVER a right moment.  Just move! Remember that!


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