Dear Qui Talks: Know Your Worth!

Dear Qui Talks,

This world is ever-changing and lately, it seems to be changing for the worst. A genocide is currently taking place and we are losing control. Despite the world around us, we have to stay true to ourselves and know our worth. Many people will put you into a category because of your past and/or current situations. Do not let those situations define who you are in this world and direct your path. Even if you fall off the straight and narrow path, you are always welcome to join back in. Your value as a person did not and will never decrease!

Here is an example! Watch video below!

I was scrolling through my Instagram discovery page and I stumble upon an amazing video while pondering this post. I had to share this with you guys! (Let me know if you’ve seen this video!)

Know that no matter what you have been through, you value as a human being will never decrease. You can be at the bottom of the tadpole you will never dimish as a person. You can always redeem yourself! Never let someone tell you what you are worth. If you breathe, you are worth more than this world can afford. No one can afford you! Walk with your head high, and be the best person you can be. Live for yourself and not anyone else!

Talkers, how many of you have felt worthless? Or know someone spiraling out of control because they feel worthless? Remind them of their value and share this post with them. Let them know they are worth more than the world can afford!


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