Dear Qui Talks: No One Talks About The Journey

Dear Qui Talks,

Everyone is so quick to talk about all of their accomplishments and accolades, but what about the journey? What about the adversity you’ve faced to get there? We as humans pride ourselves on greatness! Our vanity is more important than our humility. Once we travel through the fire to get where we need to be, we tend to put the fire out and never talk about them again. That is why when others face trials and tribulations they often feel alone and misunderstood. They see the end result of other’s success but never hear the true story as to how they got there.

As I write this to you guys, I am also preaching to myself. We need to do a better job at resting our pride and letting those, who need it, hear about your journey. Talk about the multiple jobs you had just to feed yourself and/or your family. Talk about the dark days where you didn’t think you were going to get out of your situation. Tells us how did you manage those final notices that kept you up all night. We want to hear about those endless tears you’ve cried every night. Tells us, we want to hear it.

Now do not get me wrong, just because someone is open about their journey does not mean you will ride the same rollercoaster. Everyone has a path personally designed for them. However, some paths bump into each other.

We want to hear it because as I stated earlier, often times we feel very alone. We go through trials and feel as if we are the only ones in the world facing adversity. The bible tells us not to fear. But if we can not talk about those fears, they stay in our heads eventually taking over our body causing depression. We know there are others who’ve been in our position, but we seem to not ever find them in our time of need. This is why I decided to become more transparent about things. I know someone who really needs it, is getting some comfort knowing they are not alone. Let’s keep talking about our journey and make it a movement.

Pull the skin back, and let’s get naked!

Talkers, how many times you’ve felt alone during the darkest days of your life? Would it have been better if someone told you, “I’ve been through the same thing?”


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  1. Life is a journey, happiness or inner peace not a geographical festival or goal.

    Be present as many breaths as possible then we all perish one day, without possessions, accolades or even clothes

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