Dear Qui Talks: How do I stay content everyday?

Dear Qui Talks,

Someone recently asked me “how do I stay on a high from life everyday?”

Answer: “Just be present and grateful everyday!”

Doesn’t make sense? Well read on…

First, I want to explain the difference between happy and joy. Happiness is on the outer layer. It can be easily taken away by either a bad driver that cuts you off and then slowed down right in front of you. Especially, if you are running late for work. Joy rest in the core. It is an internal feeling that someone can not tangible take away. Joy is looking around, despite your circumstance, and see that you are getting by.

Being happy is for others to see. Ever heard someone say, “I’m smiling on the outside but dying on the inside.” That is happiness. It is something you feel for a brief period (some times real or fake) but internally, you want to crawl away! Joy is what kills the internal depression.

Now you want to know, how can I get internal joy when the world around me is crumbling down. The answer, yet again, is be present. Enjoy the life around you. Be gratful for everything in you present life. Even if you are homeles on the street, be grateful for having another day to rebuild your life. You have already hit rock bottom, so the only way to go now is UP! You can recreate your life the way you want it. Follow a path that was created for you. It’s already designed.

Some may be asking, what does it mean to be present. I am present. Well, here’s the answer! Our eyes are made to see and experience the world around us. However, they are also used as a projector. A screen is placed in front of them projecting all the past and future circumstances. You start to create outcomes that have not occurred and begin feeling anxious. After watching the entire projection of the negativity in your life, the end clip tells us, “There is no way out of this misery!”

But…when you are present, you experience life as it comes. The screen dissolves and you start to see things that you never knew existed. (Like the store you drove past everyday and never knew was there.) You begin to actually hear and understand things a lot clearer because you are not focusing on the negativity playing like a movie in your head. Or focusing on the past that you can not change or the future you can not predict. Your full attention has to be in the present moment. The present is the only thing you can control.

Try it! …If you want to lift your arm right now, I bet you could because you are present.

Want to shift the paradigm of your life? Be present! You will start to appreciate the small things in life and you will change. I guarantee it!

Talkers, if you are constantly in a negative space and only see your current circumstances. Try being present and tell us what has changed.


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  1. Very nice

    People get hung on connotation and definitions at times.

    Buddhist do not have a word for emotions but our American psychological cabal thinks emotions are extremely important

    When I write about happiness it is interpreted as an emotion.

    Now I use inner peace

    It is an internal feeling actually an internal way of living as you describe, in this present moment

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