Dear Qui Talks: Darkness is a Choice!

Dear Qui Talks,

This world is filled with both good and evil people. However, people were put on this earth to do good. Humans were the greatest species to walk this planet. Until they allowed the darkness of their soul overshadow the light in their heart.

The evilness of people have destroyed this world and themselves. They have hunted and killed their own kind for personal gain. They’ve also dumped all things that could and have destroyed this planet where ever they pleased. Why?

Animals, insects, and plants know who they are and protects their kind. They work together to help their species survive. Although, I dont speak animal, insect, or plant; I know they are not trying to put each other down for their personal advancement. I know their light shines brighter then the darkness that lives within them. They protect each other. My favorite part is that they know who they are. A tiger is not claiming to be a flamingo and vise versa. They are content with the way God has made them and work every day to protect those in their family (species).

Why do we as humans do the complete oppisite? We tear each other down and create division amongst ourselves with politics, religion, culture, and color. We do not like anyone or anything we do not understand. Instead of taking the time out to learn and give light to a situation, we shut down and allow the darkness to control.

I have the utmost faith in the human species. I know we can get it together! I am trying to save the world but I can only help those who wants their light to shine brighter than their darkness. Look deep inside, which is on the frontline of your heart?

Is it love? Does your light shine very bright?  – or – Is it hate? Do your darkness overcast?

What do you allow to run your life? Do you get mad instantly without trying to understand? Do you spread love or hate? Think about what you and your friends talk about the most. Are you mostly gossiping and laughing at the expense of other’s pain? Are you helping others because of your genuine heart – or – do you need everyone to know about the kind things you do, seasonally?

This world can be great! We can all live in paradise; stress-free and worry-free. We must want to take the first step in being better humans. Stop allowing the hatred of others bring you over to the darkside. The only way you will be able to shine brighter than the dark is to ENTIRELY KNOW AND LOVE YOURSELF! Once you are stable in who you are and love every piece of you, NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO TURN OFF YOUR LIGHT!

Its very true what they say…Love is the only thing that can save this world.

Try spreading it!

Talkers, which do you allow to control your life? The LIGHT or the darkness?


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