Dear Qui Talks: I Have Sweaty Palms

Dear Qui Talks,

This is not an inspirational post. I just want to talk about my severely sweaty palms to see if anyone can relate. I have always had sweaty palms, but this spring and summer seem to be taking the cake. My palms sweat so much, they are beginning to peel. When I get in the shower, my hands shrivel up so quickly because it has been moist all day and night. I also constantly have to wash my hands because I feel like gems stick to me quicker.

sweaty palms

The pro to having sweaty palms is that your hands are hardly ever ashy and they remain soft. However, with all of this peeling when I do get a dry moment my hands are rough because I need to exfoliate. The worst is when I touch a piece of paper it becomes moist.

Image result for ewww gif

This may be a little nasty for everyone but don’t us bloggers use our blogs as a venting/coping mechanism? So, I vent!

Can anyone relate?

I know sweaty palms is a result of anxiety or nervousness. My hand sweat just for FUN! Sometimes my feet sweat but not as frequent as my palms.

I have heard of people getting steroid shots in their hands to cure their sweaty palms syndrome. I do not need/want any of those things. I prefer all things natural. So, if I have to deal with it forever, then be it. I guess I do not have a choice, right!?! I mean it’s better than having excessive sweaty armpits!


Talkers, who can relate? Do you have sweaty palms? What do you do to deal with it? Asking for a friend!


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