Dear Qui Talks: We Need to Support Each Other!

Dear Qui Talks,

I know this has been a long battle with society. We are quick to support huge celebrities and businesses but lack support for your friend’s or family’s business. The reason I bring this up is that of a post my sister sent me via Instagram.


We support all established celebrities and businesses but turn our backs on people close to us trying to do the same. What makes it worst is that we physically see them working hard. So, why do we not support them?

Now, I am not telling you to stop going to your favorite stores and buying your favorite products. However, a like, comment, or repost all falls in the same category of support. If a friend or family member is trying to promote their company, show your love by egging them on and dropping a like/comment. Do not roll your eyes and pass over them. Beyonce had to start somewhere before she made it to the top. Soooooo, how about you repost their business. One of your followers can be their future client helping them feed themselves and their family!

Just think about it!

Talkers, are you a business owner or a supporter? If you are both, you are a “GOLDEN ACHIEVER!”


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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