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This is Haiti!

We have officially hit the final day of the “This is Haiti” series. I created this series not only to inform others about my beautiful country but to educate those who have never heard of the country until Donal Trump (our president) called it a “shithole country!”

I hope you all enjoyed it and know a little more about “Ayiti (Haiti).”

Now let’s talk about the best rhum available…..Barbancourt. Here’s some history!

Image result for rhum barbancourt history

Barbancourt is a well-known rum produced and bottled in Haiti by Société du Rhum Barbancourt. The company is a family business that was created in 1862, one of Haiti’s oldest businesses producing rum directly from sugar cane juice. Sugar cane was introduced by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage discovery in 1493.  Rhum Barbancourt is the country’s most famous export, widely considered as among the finest rums in the world.

During the 2010 Haitian natural disaster two workers passed away and many aging barrels were destroyed disturbing the rum production and leaving rum supply and prices affected. However, just five months after the earthquake production had been effectively resumed as normal.

Barbancourt rum is marketed in 20 different countries specifically the Caribbean, the United States and many areas in Europe assembling the brand as among Haiti’s best known companies internationally. Their products are highly regarded winning many tastings and competitions concluding in receiving excellent reviews from rum connoisseurs.

In the present day, rum has become the essence of Haitian life, instilled with tropical warmth it is a fine, honourable drink. From full bodied and aged flavours, to light revitalising white rums, it is a drink that has claimed the world over.

Source: KreolMagazine.com


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