Dear Qui Talks: Are you mad?

Dear Qui Talks,

We all get upset over stupid things. There are times, we’ve asked ourselves; “Is this even worth my anger?”

Rule of thumb: If you have to ask yourself that question, 9 out of 10 the answer is “NO!”

So, why do we continue to get mad over things that do not really matter? One advice I can give to others is have a conversation about whatever situation that is upsetting you with another person (Preferably one that does not know much about you or the situation) and see what they respond. If they do not see an issue, normally, it means you are overreacting.

We continuously keep creating ideas in our mind to make us more mad than we really may be. Adding more insults to the minor injury does not make the minor injury bigger than what it is.

Why do we keep picking on things to keep us in an uncomfortable state?

Do you ever catch yourself asking, “why am I really mad?” Then respond to yourself, but ignore the truth and remain upset. Only because you already made a big deal about it, so you have to commit. LOL! These are all things all of us should think about before making a big deal. This can change your life!

This is all just food for thought!

Talkers, what are you mad about that you know may be meaningless. But since you are already mad, you must commit to that feeling. Let things go, I promise it will change your life.


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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