Dear Qui Talks: Am I A Convienenent Girlfriend?

Hey Qui Talks,

I have been on and off with this guy for 5 years. It is to the point we just do not put a title on our situation. When we fight, we stop talking for about a week. Later, when someone decides to be weaker, calls and we are right back on this roller coaster I call, my relationship. Now I am starting to think that he is around me only because he has no one else. 

There are times we would argue and not speak for weeks, sometimes months. Only because he is trying to pursue another girl. Technically, we are not in a relationship, so what can I be mad about.

The funny thing is that when we argue he always asks me, “what do you want?” “Do you want us to be together?” “If so let me know.” And I always say, “NO!”

Why do I keep doing this? I do not want to seem weak, but I he makes me weak. Why am I being this stupid girl. He talks to multiple girls but I try to compete and talk to multiple guys, but all I want is you. Do you even want me back?

What is wrong with me?

Talkers, this is a post from a fellow talker. She wants to hear what the blogger community has to say!


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  1. To be honest, I would say the girl seems to be seeking attention. The boy talks to many girls but at the end of the day he comes back to his Gf with a question and he wants to feel secured with her answer. The girl inwardly loves him but outwardly does not want to show that she is weak or after him.. Both at some point feel insecure of their relationship. They should spend value time to sort out their issues soon and say a goodbye to this insecurity. Wishing them all luck to get united..

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