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Sunday’s Message: If You Are Lost, He Is Patient!

Many of us turn away from the belief in God because we feel as if we are not holy enough, or we’ve done too much bad in our lives to be saved. We feel ashamed of all we’ve done, or may not be ready to live an entirely righteous life. I am here to tell you, none of that is necessary. He is patient!

Father’s Day is a perfect example of patience. Many of us as kids, or still kids have done a lot of things that our parents have not and may still not approve. However, because of our parent’s love, they are patient and allows us to make our mistakes and return to them. No matter what, our parents have always accepted us with open arms once we’ve returned to them.

The church is not here to tell who can or cannot be saved. Having love in your heart for everyone and everything is the ultimate key to being saved. Knowing that no matter how bad things may look or the worst thing you’ve ever done in life can be forgiven. NO MATTER WHAT! His love is patient and will never tarnish, and because of this, you will always be embraced with open arms.  Let your past be the past, and get ready to walk in the future of hope and love!

Stand firm, and you will win life. (Luke 21:19)


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