Dear Qui Talks: Happiness vs Joy

I have posted this last year. I wanted to repost it again because many of us are mixing up the difference!

Dear Qui Talks,

As I sit back and watch this world. Many seems to be missing something significant in their lives. Many are looking happiness. However, when they do find happiness, it never last. We have been hearing for years, “what goes up must come down.” We have associated that phrase with our lives. We have been telling ourselves that we can not get too happy for everything because it doesn’t last long. For instances, rapper, Lil Peep, who overdosed on drugs passed away last year. He was really young and unhappy. He posted on his Instagram with a caption stating how he was happy for a few then he went back to being sad. There are many young people killing themselves because they do not know how to find joy vs finding happiness.

What many of us fail to understand is the difference between happiness and joy. Being happy is on the surface, having joy is internal. Being happy is like put an evening gown on an extremely dirty person. It is just a surface dressing. Joy is internal hapiness. Joy can not be taken away because that is something people do not have access too. Joy is being happy when you have nothing around. Joy is being happy with what you were made with; NOTHING!

I have seen many post about how we are “smiling on the outside and dying on the inside.” The inside is storage for joy. Until you can look in the mirror…butt-naked, no makeup, hair undone, scruffy, exposed…and smile with your entire heart. That is joy!

Joy is not something someone can give you. Joy is a gift from above. Joy is knowing who you are completely and accepting it. Joy is being balanced. Even if someone calls you ugly, fat, stupid, etc… they will not take your joy, because you are sure and content with you.

Happy is a cute outfit you wear to show off to the world. Joy is that secrect pleasure you enjoy when no one is around.

People please find joy. These suicides are getting out of control. We all need to start giving a helping hand. Its starts with just saying, “How are you doing?” and really mean it. Sometimes a person just needs someone to smile at them. No words needed.

Take time out and find joy! That is all I wanted to say to you!

Talkers, are you experiencing joy or happiness? Can you tell the difference?


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