Dear Qui Talks: Closer = Hurt

Dear Qui Talks,

They say the closer you are, the more it hurts. The further you are, the less aim the enemy has against you. Way of life!

Just think about it. If you were at a shooting range if the target sheet was directly in front of you, you’d have a 100% chance of hitting the bullseye. However, if they pull the sheet all the way back, your chances of hitting the center target now varies.  It’s the same way of life. The closer you get to your dream/purpose the harder things get. The enemy has a closer seat at trying to knock you down because you are closer to the target.

One mistake a lot of people make is quitting. As soon as things get extremely hard we are quick to quit and turn back. Statistics have shown that 90% of people quit right before they are about to make it. Things get really hard and we turn our back.

My message to you is keep fighting. The goal is near. Ignore the enemy, they can not do anything to you. As long as you remain faithful, everything with fall right into place. you just have to keep moving. Even through the storm. The dream is near!

I am also reminding myself of this as I write to you!

Talkers, how many of you are only seeing cloudy days? Just keep fighting through it. I promise all will clear up and the sun will shine brighter than ever.


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