Dear Qui Talks: Close Friends/Family are the Worst Energy Suckers

Dear Qui Talks,

I have been doing a really good job at curving negative energy and remaining in the positive realm. I have also been able to change other people’s energy and mood with very little effort. However, one energy that is contagious and sometimes hard to curve are those of your closes friends and family.

When a friend and/or relative is in negative space, they tend to bring you into that realm with them. I honestly do not believe they mean to bring you down, but their negative remarks or actions have a greater effect than they realize.

For instance, when things are coming together in your life but things do not make sense in theirs, they will deliberately find something negative to say about your life, so they won’t feel as bad about theirs. Again, this may not be done to harm you. You know that they love you and will always protect you.

Just think about the time you are unhappy and trying to gather the pieces of this thing they call life. If someone on a different frequency, rather extremely positive and joyful comes into your presence you start to push them away. Simply because you are not in the mood for jolly people. More like, you are annoyed that they are happy and you want to be where they are but don’t know how. Although, you may not slander them, but internally you rather they be on your level. Hence, why those closes to you try to bring you down with their negative remarks and/or actions.

The phrase “misery wants company” is very accurate.

Now you may ask, “what do I do when the negative energy surrounds me?” The answer is to remember all the good qualities about yourself and your life. Whatever was pointed out as a negative, never existed prior so why should it affect me now? If you see this quality is starting to affect you, write a list of all the things you have going for yourself and post it on the wall. Every time that particular person pokes at you, remember your list. If all fails, stay away from that energy sucker. Even if you live with them! Find ways to stay on opposite sides or get a hobby and stay out of the house.

Energy suckers are real and they prowl on the weak minded. Unhappy people will always want a crew. If you join them, you may never get out!

Talkers, stay away from those energy suckers. They are bad company and you will lose track of your journey and goal.


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