Dear Qui Talks: You Are Not A Punching Bag!

Dear Qui Talks,

Do not let insecure people use you as a punching bag; emotionally, mentally, and physically. People who are not sure about themselves or just plain unhappy with who they are will use you as a punching bag. They will find any and all things to say about you to tear down your happiness. You must not allow them to succeed. The thing they are unhappy about it the very thing they criticized you.

If you are not strong-minded, you do not need that type of energy around you. Let them go! Maybe a break from that friendship or relationship is needed. Maybe they need some time to evaluate their life and find happiness within them. We all know the saying, “misery wants company,” and that is what they are looking for.

Now do not get me wrong, we’ve all been guilty of wanting that particular company. When we are talking bad about something or someone, many people typically do not want someone who disagrees but more so agree with everything being said. But what we need to do is change our own mindsets then the rest will follow.

So if you have a “Negative Nancy” in your circle, have a talk with them to see what is really bothering them. If no response is given and they remain the same; take a break! Allow them time to find their happiness, as well as yourself.

Talkers, how many of you have “Negative Nancys” in your circle? You can love them to death but sometimes distance is needed!


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