Dear Qui Talks: Let Go of Your Past!

Dear Qui Talks,

Many of us are hung up on the past. We are so focused on what happened in the past it hinders us from moving forward. This goes for careers, relationship, and even trying to better ourselves. We get so stuck on a particular past event or person and can’t move on.

I am a walking example of this. I get stuck on the way things used to be that I get upset when I do not get the same results in my present life. What I had to realize is that if I kept getting the same results I would not grow in life.

This goes for relationships as well. I used to get so stuck on old relationships that I wouldn’t let a new one flourish. I would compare all the attributes of my past relationships with a new one and inevitably end my current relationship.

Coming back home has given me closer to my past. Seeing my childhood home, friends, and exes has given me a grasp on my growth. That is why I am getting different results, now. These results are actually a lot better than before. I am a lot better than before.

Letting go of the past gives space for the new to fill in. Pour out so someone or something more meaningful can pour into you.

Talkers, is your past holding you back from becoming someone new? Do you even know?


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  1. Although I do believe you can’t remain in the past, sometimes it’s important to consider for the purpose of changing your future. In other words, the past is only useful, if you’re able to learn a lesson and move forward – but it’s the moving forward that is important.

    With that being said, I am continuously stuck in the past…lol

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