Dear Qui Talks: It’s Not All About Me!

 Dear Qui Talks,

My family and everything around it has been stressing me out since I’ve returned to NY. I thought I was going to come home and relax after having a stressful year and a half in California. However, I was hugely mistaken.

Since returning, I have been pulled in every direction. My sister’s wedding, my mother asking me to do a million things that have not been done since I left and my younger sister constantly needing me to assist her with everything has been causing me to lose my mind. Let’s not forget about my niece, she too has not left my side since I’ve been home. I feel like I have adopted her.

I recently had a mental break because I have been extremely exhausted and pulled thin. I am in a huge financial crisis, everyone thinks that my life in California has been so glamorous but they do not know half the trials I’ve faced. I feel like my company is still stagnant. I haven’t had time to see anyone since I’ve been home and they all have been getting annoyed with me. Also, I haven’t been posting on my site at the designated time, and every time I say no to doing something for someone they get mad.

I called one of my best friends and told her I needed to escape. She instantly came to my rescue and we went for a drive. While driving around my town and venting, I started to cry. My friend explained to me that my family has been missing me for over a year and just wants to spend as much time with me because I am leaving again. Plus they are not sure the next time they may see me since the last time was longer than expected. My family is not the affectionate type to tell me they’ve missed me. They would rather just ask me to keep doing things with them just so we can spend time together. 

One thing I did not realize was the time frame on how long I’ve been gone. A lot can happen in a year and a half. I have just been caught up with everything I have gone through in California that the time seemed really short. After having that convo with my best friend, I returned home with more strength and a clearer mind to help myself, family, and Qui Talks.

I have been telling my niece to zoom out and see the bigger picture, but I have been failing to do so. I have been caught up in my own problems, that I haven’t seen that my family really miss and needs me. Now I am moving with a new light on things and accomplishing more while also making time for myself. All of this is just exercise to prepare me for the next level in my life. How do I plan on being a conglomerate but can’t simply handle my misfortunes and running my life?

Talkers, how many of you have felt stretched thin or overwhelmed by family and friends. Have you examined to see what the real issue may be?


Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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