Black Owned Businesses

Black Owned Businesses: BAILEY LI

Self-taught Interior decorator/designer & curator of insanely stylish spaces.


Bailey has a background in fashion, real estate, and corporate sales. Bailey discovered her passion for decorating while working as a Real Estate agent.

Drawn to the architecture & character of historical homes she began providing Home Staging services to homeowners that were looking to sell. In order to appeal to the influx of professionals from NYC, she mastered the skill of combining antiques /rare vintage pieces with modern elements colors & textures. The result was stylishly blended interiors that made the homes sell almost immediately; a natural talent for creating spaces that made the inhabitants feel more alive and inspired Bailey quickly excelled.  A Creative visionary with the ability to transform spaces into stunning environments through her amazing eye and ability to curate heirloom pieces and combine them with modern elements. Bailey is also a Decorative Artist; she has expanded her talents into hand painting walls, floors and designing custom drapery and furniture. Bailey’s furniture and design installations have been exhibited and sold in Local Artist Exhibitions. Bailey has been featured on NBC”S OPEN HOUSE NYC and PBS”S STATE OF THE ARTS SHOW. Her works have also been mentioned in Vogue Magazine, featured on Designerlebrity, and seen in Ebony magazine.


Artfully Inspired, Insanely Stylish!

Get in Touch

580 Forest Street

Suite 1

Orange NJ 07050

located in the Firehouse Gallery


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