Dear Qui Talks: Good Day Turned Bad!

Dear Qui Talks,

Yesterday, I had an amazing day. I spent the entire afternoon and evening with my best friend going to dinner and having drinks. We had a chance to catch up and talk about boys (Oooh) like we were back in high school. We enjoyed sushi at Mamashusi and had a few drinks at Bierstrasse. Sounds like a nice relaxing evening right? Until I headed home.

I received bad news about someone I know trying to do something evil to a close friend of mine. I instantly became upset and forgot about all of my meditation and calming practices. I felt the anger boiling in my stomach rising like a newly lit inferno. My hands and legs began to shake because all I wanted to do was hit something. My voice instantly rose to its ultimate height to the point it started to shake. I was so angry, I wanted to cry. You’ve ever been so mad you started to cry? That was me after having an amazing day.

My energy has been all over the place lately and it is because I haven’t been doing my daily routine of meditation and prayer. I have been allowing people to control my emotions because I forgot how to control them on my own. I have been letting fear and anxiety take over my mind. I haven’t been able to control the chaos in my life because I have been letting the chaos define me.

I need to revert! I need to remember my practices from California. I need to be alone to get back to being balanced. I can’t help but ask these questions.

Why can’t I have a good day without any disturbances?

Why are people so evil?

Do you sleep well at night knowing someone else is hurting because of the pain you’ve caused them?

What happened to kill people with kindness?

Talkers, has someone ever been so evil to the point where you just questioned their motive and humanity? DO you question the insanity of others?


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  1. Sometimes I question the motives of other, but I also know that people question my motives as well. You must know that everyone doesn’t operate with a pure heart. I think we all have a choice to allow people to steal your peace. That’s why you guide your heart above all else. Pray for those people that operate with evil motives. Every action doesn’t deserve a reaction. Protect your peace!😘❤

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