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This Week’s Lesson: Be Proactive!

Recognize one of the major areas of insecurity in your life, and see how much it disempowers you. Then identify one small action you can take to release that insecure feeling.

Your goal: To observe whether you’re proactive or passive, since healing requires proactive energy.


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  1. I love the fact that I can remain anonymous and respond to your posts bc it allows me to be transparent. I’m so thankful for your post today bc it really spoke to me. I’ve been struggling with an insecurity for years, and I thought I had surpassed it. Well, something came up, and it resurfaced. I’m learning that my insecurities stems from a false identity that others put on me and from what I thought about myself. So, I’m having to go back to that place and allow God to heal that area in me. Wow, it’s hard but I receive the healing in Jesus’s name! Pray for me! And, I thank God for you and your post. Continue to allow God to use you.
    You may not think you make a difference, but you’ve been making a world of difference in my life. Thank you!

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    • This means so much to me. I am beyond happy that I am making a difference in your life. That is the main reason I created this site. Knowing that I am helping you has given me the strength I have been praying for to keep going. Thank you for reading and commenting. I am happy to be your escape route. Be true to you! Remember your insecurities are what makes you different from this world. Do not let others tell you they are wrong. Everyone has one special thing about them that God has given to them. Majority of the time it’s the thing you hate the most. You are special in your own way!


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