Dear Qui Talks: My Misery Is Causing Harm To Others!

Dear Qui Talks,

I am realizing that my chaotic life is being put on others around me. My best friend has seen how crazy things have been for me lately, that she has made a point to take me away from it and give me a day of peace. However, every time she comes around she gets absorbed right into my craziness.

Last week I had a mental break down, so she decided to pick me up to go into the city. However, within 10 minutes of her arrival, my mother gets into a car-totaling accident and sister takes over the day with extreme wedding planning. By the end of the night, she was as exhausted as me. A few days later we plan another escape and enjoy a day of relaxation. However, I had to wake her up from her sleep early so we may go into the city to drop off my niece. Although, we had a good day, by nighttime everything turned around because I received some bad news that made me extremely angry. I knew my anger added a certain energy that she did not want to feel.

Now fast-forward! I recently met this guy and have been talking to for about a week now. Within that week, I have exhausted him with all of my chaos. He hasn’t been getting any sleep because he has been staying up late just to talk to me. Mind you he has to be at work at 6am causing him to be unstable at work. He also has been so exhausted with my energy that he forgot to turn his car off completely for 2 days causing his car battery to die and paying $600 to replace it. Oh, did I mention that I crashed his car into the dumpster near my house? Surprisingly, he was really calm and didn’t care but I was devasted. All of this within a week.

At this point, I do not want anyone around me. I feel like my energy has been so out of wack that I am now causing crazy vibrations onto others near me. I am already stressed and annoyed but passing that baton to other people around me hurts me more. My misery doesn’t need company! I need everyone to stay away for a little.


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