Dear Qui Talks: Your Personal Space Is A Reflection On Your Head!

Dear Qui Talks,

How many time have you heard the saying “if your house/room is messy than your head is messy?” Well, I believe in that phrase. Anytime my personal space (room, car, bathroom, etc…) is a mess, my mind is a mess. As my mind gets messy, my personal space begins to reflect it.

Yesterday, I had enough of my messy mind. I was so agitated yesterday I got up to leave the house. Since returning home to NY, I’ve been sleeping in the living room because my suitcases have taken over my room. Since I have been unable to unpack my luggage, I have been living out of them. So everything has been everywhere! Every time I walked into my bedroom, I felt like I was climbing mountains.

Today, I got up from the living room couch, showered, and went into my room to get dressed because my sister wanted to go out. While standing in the middle of my room, I became instantly frustrated because I couldn’t find anything to wear. All of my clothes and shoes were everywhere. I went to my sister and told her I did not want to go anymore because I need to clean my room. Majority of my aggravation and blockage is coming from my messy room. I thought to myself, “if I could organize this room then ideas and happiness will begin to flow.”

I turned on and blasted my speakers with gospel music and tore into the clothes on my floor, dresser top, and suitcase. Once I was able to see my floor I started to feel a little calmer. I dusted all of my mirrors, dressers, window shades, and even headboard. The air in the room started to flow again. Once I was all done, I felt a sense of relief. You ever finally clean your house and feel free? That’s what I felt! I even decided to cook dinner for my sisters and niece. I became a lot nicer and calmer. Even my niece said, “wow, aunty I’m guessing you are feeling better!” Yes, I was feeling a whole lot better!

I honestly felt like I finally organized my mind. I could finally think clearer. I even woke up this morning with new ideas flowing through. Guess what!!!! I even fully prayed and meditated this morning; let me tell you, it felt GREAT!

Talkers, If you feel like your mind is a mess, think about what personal space is mostly reflecting you and CLEAN IT UP! Let me know how you feel after.


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