Dear Qui Talks: I’m Choosing Happiness

Dear Qui Talks,

Have you ever been in a funk so long that you wake up one day and choose to be happy? That was me! If you have been reading my recent posts for the past few months, I have been in a really low funk. The other day, I woke up and decides I am just going to give it all to God and choose to smile today.

I have had a frown on for so long, my face started to get tired of frowning. My cheek and jaw muscles were as exhausted as I was physically. They say it takes more muscle to frown than to smile. I am seeing that now. My face is pooped-out!

I woke up the other morning after having an amazing day and started replaying the one bad thing that happened instead of focusing on the great that occurred. That is when I told my mind, “enough is enough!” I am tired of being sad just because things may not look the way I wish it could be. Whatever God has planned for me will be done. My way is not his way. I can’t be a child anymore and get upset when I do not get what I ask for. He knows what’s best for me the same way my mother knew what was best for me. I just have to be patience and keep moving.

I forgot what it meant to have faith. I have been telling you all to have faith since the beginning of the year and I completely forgot what that meant. I allowed the devil to make my mind his playing field and use me as his puppet. I have decided to overthrow the devil and chose happiness and love! That means when bad things happen, I will smile. When things do not go my way, I will shrug it off and smile. When people try to hurt me or bring me down, I will smile and walk away.

Talkers, how many of you have been in a funk for so long, you are now exhausted from being sad? Join the party and choose happiness!


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