Dear Qui Talks: Gratitude vs Worry

Dear Qui Talks,

I was having a conversation with a fellow writer underneath her comments on a post she wrote about being grateful. We realized we live in a world where gratitude and worry can not coexist in our heads simultaneously. We can not be grateful for everything if we keep worrying about everything.

In her post, she mentioned writing three things you are grateful for everyday. She also told me to keep a gratitude journal and look back to see all the gratitude I have given in the past month. Funny thing is I have a gratitude jar that I made a few months back but haven’t put anything in it in the past two months because I left it in California before coming to NYC for the summer.

So, I am going to start a new section on my website. I am going to start a gratitude journal where I write a gratitude post every night before I go to bed. I am going to let the world know what I am grateful for every night then look back and see all the good that has occurred. I want gratitude to take over my mind and let worry become a non-factor.

Thank you, Shari Swanson of QuotableCreek.com.


A girl being filled with gratitude over worry.


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