Dear Qui Talks: I Love The ‘Inspire’ Tag in the Reader Section

Dear Qui Talks,

Whenever I feel that my spirit is at a low, I put on my headphones, blast gospel music into my ears hoping the bass pounds into my soul. Then I sit in my living room or bedroom with my door closed and start to read all the post that writers tag the word “inspire.”

I swear it is like my little fortune teller. Whatever I am feeling many people are writing about. Its like the universe (God) knows what I am going through so he responses through fellow writers. First I pour out my soul on my website then read everyone else’s post. My comments always say, ” OMG I literally just wrote about the same thing.” LOL! I know many people have seen me write that under there comments.

So, to my Talkers, whenever you are feeling low try reading the post under the tag “inspire.” Let me know if it works for you as much as it works for me.


A girl seeking joy through others!


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