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Dear Qui Talks: Becareful Who You Sleep With

Dear Qui Talks,

Energy is a powerful thing. It can be absorbed very quickly depending on who is around you and the control you have over your energy. The person you are shacking up with may have a low frequency and is able to pass that on to you if you are unable to be a dominant source of energy.

The reason why I am saying this is because the person you could be sleeping with could be passing their negative thoughts and feelings onto you whether you know it or not. Have you ever been happy one second then hang out with somebody and feel all their anxiety and aggravation? That goes the same way if you are in a relationship with someone and is having a good day but as soon as your significant other comes into your presence with a bad day your day is automatically turned around. So the people you allow into your life; stay clear of their negative flow.

My energy has been out of whack lately. I know that I am not in a really good place. I thought maybe the person that I decide to talk too will turn my energy around but I just kept feeling like I was being pulled into a sunken place. I am looking for somebody to be on a higher frequency than I am or at least match my high frequency energy so we can conquer the world together. But if that significant other is on a negative or low frequency I do not really see this working out. I have to take care of me first before I can take care of everybody else. So that is why I am going to stop sleeping with him.


A girl trying to raise her frequency!


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