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Dear Qui Talks: Boys Will Be Boys

Dear Qui Talks,

I really hate that saying boys will be boys. We make it okay for guys to cheat and just give them a pass with that saying. I always tell people this…Guys act like cheating is the hardest thing to stop doing. What they fail to realize is that women actually have it harder than anybody. We have a higher chance of cheating because we are approached way more than men are in a day. If I wake up and walk out my door I will get spoken to at least 10 times before I make it to my final destination. Where as a guy has to go out his way to approach another woman.

So when they have that saying “boys-will-be-boys,” I want men to really sit down and think is it really boys being boys or is it you just being deceiving child? As a woman, I can cheat on my significant other at least 20 times in a day before I even make it home back to him, but I don’t because I choose to be in an adult relationship. That consist of commitment and loyalty!

So next time you decide to approach another woman, just think about your woman being approach and entertaining it.


A girl fed up with cheating men!


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