Dear Qui Talks: Time is the Answer to Everything!

Dear Qui Talks,

Whenever you go through a breakup, lose a job, or just has recent surgery; people always say “just give it some time.” Timing is the only thing that can cure all pain, promote growth, and make dreams come true. Everything comes on its own time, not your time.

Ever wish for something and it never happens at the moment you want it to happen. However, when your wish finally comes true you are happier that it happened at that particular moment rather than it happening earlier. Only because if you were to receive your request earlier you would not have been ready for it? That is the meaning of timing.

Timing is the way of God letting you know that you are ready for any change or new direction for your life. He knows us the better than anyone in the world, including ourselves. It’s like a parent allowing you to go to the mall with your friends for the first time, or driving a car for the first time. A parent typically knows when you are ready for another level in life and so does God. So, with that said….Time is the Answer To Everything!


A Girl Waiting on God’s Time!


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